National Immunization Awareness Month


National Immunization Month is in August. It’s also the beginning of back-to-school preparations and a good time to make sure your children are properly vaccinated before they head back to school.

There is no one preventive health measure more important than immunization. As the World Health Organization notes, the international medical community has endorsed the use of vaccines and immunization to prevent and control a number of infectious diseases, as well as chronic diseases caused by “infectious agents.” Vaccinating your child can avoid suffering and death associated with afflictions like diarrhea, measles, pneumonia, polio and whooping cough. The American Academy of Pediatrics says vaccines are 99% effective. Every vaccine goes through a series of tests before being approved to ensure safety. Vaccines are necessary to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Some diseases that many had thought eradicated have reappeared, as polio did in Venezuela in 2018. Vaccines are studied intensively by the FDA, the CDC and many other organizations that vigilantly in keep watch over existing vaccines for possible complications.