National Immunization

Immunization Awareness

Immunization has been called the most important public health intervention in history, after safe drinking water. It has saved millions of lives over the years and prevented hundreds of millions of cases of disease.

None of us wants to see our children and our loved ones get sick. Getting immunized can protect you and your children from a number of very serious diseases. By getting yourself and your children immunized, you…

  • Can also protect their friends, schoolmates, and others from those same diseases. Some children can’t get certain vaccines for medical reasons, or some children are not able to respond to certain vaccines. For these children, the immunity of people around them is their only protection.
  • Can help protect your grandchildren, their grandchildren, and future generations from diseases. If enough parents fail to get their children immunized, diseases that had been under control can come back to cause epidemics. This has happened in several countries.
  • Could, ultimately, even help rid the world of diseases that have been crippling and killing children for centuries. Immunization allowed us eradicate smallpox. Today polio is nearly gone, and in the future measles and other diseases will follow.

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