Current Status for Coronavirus UPDATED REGULARLY


Thursday, April 30, 2020


Today is the last day of Gov. Abbott’s order to shelter in place with tomorrow (Friday, May 1) being a day that a segment of the business community can resume operations on a limited capacity. Please see the Governor’s website for details that pertain specifically to you. For the latest on COVID-19 cases in Texas, please see the following website:

The Texas State Department of Health Services has COVID-19 Dashboard:

Freestone Medical has systematically begun to phase into services that had been curtailed due to the Governor’s EO. Laboratory and Radiology are back to full function and operation. We continue to register those patients through the East Entrance (Newman St. by the Helipad) further notice. The Governor did not lift the requirement of limiting non-essential visitors to hospitals. We will continue to restrict visitors until further notified.


Cardiac Rehabilitation will open “softly” on Monday, May 4 and will take single patients at scheduled times to ensure we continue to maintain social distancing practices. For more information, please call 903-389-2121 x21634 and speak with Vernita Huckaby.


Nutritional Counseling and services will resume Monday, May 4 as well, by appointment. Call 903-389-2121 and ask for Carolyn Newberry to schedule your appointment.


Visiting Specialists have begun their return to FMC for clinics and procedures. Each specialist is making his/her determination as to when that will be. Some have started clinics this week and others will wait until May or June before returning. For more information, please call our Clinic at 903-389-2181.


FMC Providers continue to operate a respiratory illness clinic at 764 W. Commerce at this time. As there is still the possibility of COVID-19 infections, we will continue to segregate “sick” patients from “well” patients until we work our way out of this crisis. We urge you to continue to “tele-triage” by calling first for directions to the most appropriate location based upon your symptoms.


Thank you all who donated a couple of weeks ago. We collected 30 units – the maximum that the donor bus can accommodate for storage and transport. The Gift of Life is more critical now than any time in our recent past.


As we continue to work slowly back into a pre-COVID routine, please remember to practice good hand hygiene, wear a mask if you are otherwise prone to respiratory illnesses, maintain good social distancing, eat healthy and get some exercise. Let’s all work to put COVID out of business as soon as possible!

FMC appreciates those who have lifted us up in prayer, sent words of encouragement and offered support during this trying and unprecedented time in healthcare.
Thank you for allowing FMC to be your Neighbors caring for Neighbors Right Here at Home.