Do you know how FMC impacts our economy?

Freestone Medical Center Economic Impact

Did you know that Freestone Medical Center employs approximately 128 people in the Freestone County area?  It’s true!  Between full-time, part-time and PRN staff, your hometown hospital is one of the largest employers in Fairfield and Freestone County!  That’s 128 people with children enrolled in our school system, spouses with jobs in the area, homes and apartments occupied, groceries, gas and utility purchases along with other needs of daily living.  In fact, the overall impact of FMC on the local economy is over $63 Million each year.  We didn’t say that!  That figure comes from an economic impact study done by independent evaluators Impact DataSource of Austin, Texas.  For a link to that complete study, please go to   At Freestone Medical Center, we are neighbors caring for neighbors, right here at home.