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I married my wife Alicia Berger on February 19, 1994 (24 + years), she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tx A&M Commerce 2016 (non-traditional student) and has taught 2nd grade at McBay Elementary in Mexia since December 2016 (she loves it!).

We moved to Fairfield from San Angelo, TX in 2000 (I left Goodfellow AFB after 3 years) and we enrolled our daughter Katie (age 5 then) in Kindergarten here, she graduated Fairfield HS Class of 2013 with honors, graduated UNT Denton with Honors in 2017 and has been a 5th grade teacher in Terrell, TX since August 2017.


We are active members of First United Methodist Church of Fairfield since we arrived in Fairfield (we attended Methodist church in San Angelo as well).  We live about 5 minutes away from the Freestone Medical Center for almost 18 years.  I also have two stepsons (Tony who lives in Austin now, and Danny who lives in Dallas), and two grandsons (Jude is 7 and Asther is 5) who live in DFW area (we babysit often).  Finally, I love going to the movies to de-stress (for Christmas, I was given a Movie Pass that allows me to watch one movie/day for a year…awesome!).  In addition, I love to sing/Karaoke, and I don’t care what people say!