Infusion Therapy

State-of-the-art Infusion Therapy right here in Fairfield, Texas

Freestone is committed to providing local infusion (IV) therapies right here at home. At our infusion clinic, patients can rely on the comfort of having clinically-trained, licensed healthcare professionals experienced in infusion (IV) therapy, and IV antibiotic treatments, providing specialized IV care.

We ensure our patients receive the individual attention they deserve with high nurse-to-patient ratios. In short, you will get the very kind of IV therapy you’d receive at an urban infusion center, right here at home!  We provide hands-on care with nurses who live and work in the local community.

We Are Always

Here to Help

Comfortable, Hands-On IV Therapy in a Warm, Stress-Free Setting

Our infusion suite provides patients with comfort, tranquility and peace of mind as well as a private restroom and television to help pass the time while receiving their infusion therapy. Our infusion suite is furnished with comfortable, supportive recliners so our patients can be more relaxed during long infusions. 

Patients have the option to choose where they receive infusion (IV) therapies. Contact us about working with your medical provider or if you have any questions regarding your IV therapies.  We would love to be your IV Therapy provider! Call us any time at (903) 389-0963.

Available Infusion Therapies for a Range of Disorders including:

● IV Antibiotics
● IVIG treatments
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Rheumatoid Arthritis
● Infectious Disease
● Crohn’s Disease
● Ulcerative Colitis Immune Deficiency


Even if your doctor’s office is not local, we can coordinate with specialist physicians and their teams to make sure that our patients get the precise medical therapies they need close to home. We can review patient therapy orders remotely so that local patients get the weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual treatments they need without having to travel far from home.

We can certainly provide you with hands-on instructions about how to administer your own shots at home. We can also teach a family member so they feel comfortable and confident giving you or another relative injections.

You need a doctor’s referral and an appointment before treatment is provided. If you have questions, just call us at (903) 389-0963.

We accept most insurance providers including Medicare, Medicaid, and various HMOs and PPOs.