Our Pharmacy Helps Patients Feel Better

Freestone Medical’s pharmacy provides immediate coordination with our medical staff to respond to all of our patient’s critical pharmaceutical needs. Our pharmacy staff pride themselves on providing fast, accurate, and friendly service to our patients, nurses and physicians.

We Are Always

Here to Help

By having our own pharmacy, Freestone Medical is better able to…

  • Provide prescription medications for admitted patients
  • Respond to our physician’s immediate requests for inpatient medical therapies
  • Maintain a local supply of medications needed for emergent use
  • Adjust doses as prescribed by the attending physicians


We are not a retail pharmacy, therefore we are not open to the public.  Our pharmacy staff is on site five days a week to support patient care needs.

We also support medications for  patients admitted to the ER.

If you need a specific prescription filled for home use, please contact a local retail pharmacy or contact your primary care provider.

Your physician will work with our pharmacy staff to minimize the risk of drug interactions. Be sure that your doctor knows what medications you are currently taking, or have taken recently.

The best way to dispose of older, expired (both prescription and over the counter) medications is to find a local medicine take-back site. Many retail pharmacies offer this service.


If such a site is not available to you, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests you do the following:


  • Mix the unused portion with something unappealing (used coffee grounds, dirt, or cat litter). The helps repel pets or animals who might otherwise get into the medications.
  • Put the medication mix into something that can be sealed and closed, like a Ziploc bag or coffee can.
  • Scratch off your name and other personal information appearing on bottle labels.
  • Throw the container into your household trash.


Some medications also appear on the FDA flush list. These should be immediately flushed when no longer in use. Talk to your doctor or refer to your medication pamphlet to see if you specific medications are on the flush list.